16. Toronto Maple Leafs
File under: Poor helpless bastards

The Leafs’ home arena, Air Canada Center (okay, fine: Air Canada Centre), is regularly filled to 103 percent capacity, despite having the league’s highest ticket prices—and despite the Leafs not having reached the Stanley Cup finals since 1967. No wonder their mayor hit the crack pipe.

MONTREAL — Lars Eller reported to an abbreviated Canadiens training camp last January in the best shape of his life — fitter, stronger and faster than at any previous time in his young NHL career.

Ohhhh man, I can’t wait!

More than three months after the incident occurred, Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mikhail Grabovski has reportedly admitted that he bit Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty in a game on Feb. 9.

I’m not saying what Pacioretty did was okay, but this seems like a cowardly move on Grabovski’s end.

Why wait three months to admit something that you did? Afraid of the repercussions? If so, don’t do it.

The 2012-13 season didn’t end the way us Habs fans expected it to, but I’m still proud of our team nonetheless. They played their hearts out and rebounded from a disastrous season last year. I can’t wait for next season.

Bring it on!

On the Cammalleri trade…

Why is everyone saying the trade happened because of what was said yesterday? Because it really wasn’t. Guathier and Feaster have both said the the trade was in the works for a while. I can understand how Hab fans are sad about him being traded. He was definitely a crowd favourite (when he played well…), but he was awful and was very costly as of late.

I’m really looking forward to seeing René Bourque in a Canadiens jersey.



Lars Eller, who had never scored more than two points in one game in his three seasons in the NHL, recorded four goals and one assist in the Canadiens’ 7-3 win over the Jets on Wednesday. Elias

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What the hell is a Hab? (For the record, I know what a Hab is—but that doesn’t make it any less lame.)

Ahh, I want a Montreal Canadian jersey too!